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Have you ever seen this morse key before? You may recognize it as a STAMPFL key from Switzerland. Its lean modeled after the Swiss army key with its brilliant color can be clearly identified as the brand.

 I bought this key directly from the manufacturer through ebay last September (2014). It is a model called “SMT-11 ARMY USB”. The latest model at the moment (August 2015) is SMT-12. So, this is the previous one.

In an interesting twist, models that look similar to mine do not seem to exist.  First of all, I did not find any orange-colored Stampful keys on the web, even on the seller’s website. Furthermore, the “mushroom-shaped” white ceramic knob on the top of the key is never used for “USB” models, but only for the most expensive one called “premium”. In addition, it is rare for the manufacturer to sell their products on auction sites and at quite inexpensive prices. So I think this key must be a prototype or something.


The key has a USB port to connect a PC. It allows us to practice morse code using a software program. Although, the key came with the software, it only works on Windows and not on my Mac. So to get started with my practice, I bought a secondhand oscillator (HI-MOUND CW•CODE•OSC•COK-2) on the other auction site. It was in better shape, the previous owner must have used it little. I am satisfied with the device although it looks rather cheap, because it has only two wires connecting the key, that’s all! No need for any software and pesky settings.

I put them on the table in the dining room, and enjoy practicing while watching TV.