Monthly Archives: February 2016



I became a member of The Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) this month (Feb 2016).

Since it is JARL’s 90th anniversary this year, I received a commemorative USB thumb drive with its logo on it and other membership items.

The most interesting item is the callsign plate which is for putting up on a door or gate frame. Although this stuff has been handed out to every new member for a long time, amateur radio is not so popular anymore so it is a little embarrassing to show that I’m a “HAM”.  Sometimes we see on YouTube, some members putting the plates somewhere near their radios.

Actually, I considered whether I should join the organization or not. What made me decide to become a member was that they offer QSL (confirmation of radio communication) card delivery service. However, online-electronic confirmation services are already available worldwide for free, which  I prefer, but  many Japanese hams really like hardcopy paper exchanges. Anyway, I would be happy if my membership could be of even a little help for the world of amateur radio.