Mt. Asama

My wife and I went to visit Karuizawa a town that is the most popular summer resort in Japan. Karuizawa is located at the foot of Mt. Asama, a volcanic mountain. The height of the mountain is 2,568 m (8,425 ft). It has been more active recently and there was a small eruption this past June. The first photo is the view of Mt. Asama from a cabbage field near the cottage where we stayed. The altitude here is about 1,100 m (3,600 ft). Since autumn was coming, trees were beginning to turn red and it was chilly at night.


A few minutes drive from our place took us to a construction site where supposedly Bill’s mega mansion is (pictured above). Which Bill? The Bill from Microsoft. When I got closer to the place, I got questioned by a security guard. If you are interested in this topic, you could find more information by googling “Bill Gates and Karuizawa”.


This is the bullet train called “Shinkansen” on which we went to and from Karuizawa. It can travel speeds  up to 280 km/h (160 mph). It only took us 40 minutes to go the 120 km from our place to Karuizawa. The train was crowded because it was a during 5 day holiday called “Silver Week”.

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