I ordered two servings of sushi for my wife’s birthday. Sushi is one of our favorite meals but it was not the only reason why I chose it. The take-out sushi doesn’t need any cooking and looks sumptuous. So sushi is the best meal for cutting corners!

When you think of sushi, you might image a sushi roll wrapped with a seaweed sheet such as a California roll. However, when we Japanese talk about  just “sushi”, it generally means hand-formed sushi with a topping of seafood shown in the pictures here.


Well, I will tell you how to use soy sauce for sushi. Sometimes I see visitors from overseas dipping sushi deeply into soy sauce from the bottom which is the rice part. Absorbing the sauce, the formed sushi rice starts to crumble, which then becomes difficult to keep holding the rice together and this makes it  taste so salty.

The second photograph is showing one of the right ways to put soy sauce on sushi. Sushi must be turned upside down, and then dipped from the seafood part for just a second.  Although chopsticks  were used in this photograph, you may use your fingers instead, which is also a more traditional way of eating sushi.


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